Sunday, November 20, 2011

Well folks, it seems like I have a boyfriend...

So since we went public on Facebook I can only assume that telling all 7 of my followers that I have the most amazing Boyfriend ever seems OK.  Tracy is tall, dark, handsome, and Silly!  Yup, just last night he tried on a blue wig, painted my face with a Y, and skipped through a parking lot at 10 pm to catch the 2nd half of the BYU game.  Are we nerds?  Yup!  Did we have a blast?  You betcha!  Would we dress up and ask random strangers to photograph us in the future...Absolutely!  I have to say that he is rather amazing.  I realize I might be a bit biased simply because I am kissing him on a daily basis...but I think it would be true anyway!

So the 411 on Mr. Amazing-ness.  He is 6'2", brown hair/eyes, big strong hands, fantastic at basketball...though I have never seen him "Dunk it" (So Jay you can perhaps be OK with admitting your true height to Tracy.)  He is kind, and calm, and fun, and inventive.  He is a super nerd...just for those that don't know "Nerd-face" is a term of endearment in my family.  I love nerds.  He of course is an Engineer...I know, nooooooooo one is surprised.  But this engineer is just as social, just as fun, just at entertaining, and just as good at dressing as I am  (super rare for an Engineer.)  I would say he is well rounded, and collects skills/talents like some collect facebook friends.  I am impressed by him daily.  We talk & talk, and he loves my soap boxes...and I love his.  More often then not we share matching soap boxes...though he said he would never succumb to matching track suits...though I might have to buy some to tease him at some point in life.  He has even taken some improv workshops at another improv group.  I do have to admit that when he tries to tell an actual joke it never seems to go over well...he should stick to improv ;)  He is so good to me, is kind, and thoughtful.  I sometimes wonder how any girl could be dumb enough to have let him go.  I like that we both want to take things nice and slow.  No rushing a relationship...we are taking the time to really get to know and understand each other.  We have had some disagreements, yet have been able to quickly fix things without yelling.  Hmmm...I guess we will all have to wait and see what might come.  But for now I enjoy seeing him daily and even have fun loosing at most competitions and sports.  P.S. Tracy's pretty good at Mercy fights...just be warned. Lol.


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Sorensen said...

So happy for you! He IS handsome!