Monday, August 30, 2010

Tooooooooooooooo Much Help with My Single Life

Must be common problem if reality TV has made a show out of it.
This week two women offered me their unmarried sons. That has got to be one of the greatest complements. This is not the first time Parents have offered me their (not so young anymore) sons. And the ways that this is offered sometimes makes me laugh a little inside. The parents of one young man have talked to my folks and expressed their feelings in this way: “We are not sure what is wrong with our son, he must be an idiot. We really like your Sonja and do not understand what he is thinking.” I also got an interesting offer from a friend of mine not so long ago. “Hey remember my brother in law? Well he’s single again and I was asking my husband what about Sonja? I think you would be great for him.” I mentioned that he needed sometime…divorce is a messy and hard thing, and his is just barely finalized. A sweet Grandma that I know has been offering me her grandson for about 6 years. Usual conversation: “Now Sonja, I keep trying to get my grandson to meet you, but he is not wanting to. He isn’t doing anything but video games, and I keep telling him to cut his hair cause he looks like a fool. I think that you would be the best thing for him. Make him straighten out and fly right. I am just worried that he isn’t good enough for you. I really wish he would just cut his hair and get a real job.” Thank you so much for the offer…regrettably I think I better pass.

Another such helpful parent tried to get their son to date me. I tried to express my willingness to only be his friend, but to no avail. Between his parents and some friends and coworkers this Young Man they devised a perfect set up...I got tricked into a date. I was asked by another guy completely if I wanted to go with a bunch of people from work to see a movie. I said I wasn’t sure if I had time, but to call me the day of. Well I got a call from the “offered son” who gave me the details and I said yes I could come. Where I got suspicious was when he then insisted that he needed to pick me up… That date did not go well! I was mad ½ the time at the interferers, and mad at the offered son for not actually ever asking me out, but tricking me into a date.

One time I was dating someone rather seriously- and things started to fall apart. We broke up at his parent’s house, and before I could leave the whole family got involved. The mom came in crying on my shoulder telling me how much she loved me, and that her husband had gotten cold feet before too, but he soon realized that he had made a huge mistake, and came back and proposed. Then the Father pulled me aside, told me the same story, belittled his son’s thinking skills, told me that he got along better with me than his son, and reassured me it would work out. Then at the door step the two sisters (that had decided not to like me when I first met them) pulled me into a huge bear hug and told me they were sooooo sorry for everything they had said and done. They then told me how much they loved me, that their brother was in big trouble for letting me get away, and then they started crying their eyes out. That was more dramatic than anything else I have experienced outside of working in film and theatre. That was some real life soap opera material.

This week one mom commented on a facebook post about how she still had two single sons. And another mom found me on facebook, added me and then has informed me that her son thinks I am married, still talks about me all of the time, and wanted to know if I really was married. She then asked me to contact her son…who I haven’t seen since my first semester of college.  I'm not sure he will be thrilled to know she has contacted me :S

I have always said that the hardest part of breaking up with someone is saying goodbye to their family. I sometimes feel like Saundra Bullock in “While You Were Sleeping”…I have fallen in love with several families of the guys I have dated. But when things don’t work out I have to say goodbye not just to one person…but their family as well. But facebook is closing the gap…for good and bad. Now we can have facebook friendships with everyone…people that hated us in Jr. high, old boyfriends that didn’t work out, and their very helpful mothers, coworkers that now know more of our personal life than maybe we wished. The world has become infinitely smaller now that everyone is so connected.

This sounds like a bit of a rant…really it was more of an funny ironic observation. I guess I should be grateful that I am the kind of girl to take home to meet the family. Maybe I would have better luck with orphans…less pressure from their nearest and dearest ;) All roads might lead to Rome, but not all relationships lead to a happy marriage. I might be picky, but as the pioneers used to say “It is good to choose your ruts wisely, for you will be traveling in them for a long time…and it is hard to get out once you are in.”

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Cindy said...

Amen Sonja! I loved your "rant". Keep on truckin'. ;)